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Quinn Kesler rides with CSI Saddle Pads

Trainers and Clinicians say they love their CSI Saddle Pads

“I operate an equine assisted psychotherapy program, and to get our horses with ‘the program’ and ready for our therapy sessions, which does not involve riding, I exercise and ride them everyday. I have had a tack arsenal and have ridden in about every pad on the market. I have even had pads made specifically for my horses and saddles. I was hesitant at first to add another tack item to my collection, but after a week of riding in the CSI, my horses and I were happy to list anything but on eBay! I have a few core pads and can easily change my inserts depending on what horse I’m riding. I couldn’t have found you soon enough and I’m grateful, as are my horses. I love the buzz and positive feedback CSI Pads are leaving out there!”

– Kathy King Raedeke

“The CSI Pad is the only pad I trust on my horses—especially Rooster, who suffered back trauma as a young horse. The CSI Pad lets me ride with the peace of mind that he is getting the comfort he deserves under saddle.” 

 Ken McNabb Apprenticeships

“I’ve been riding horses all my life and training for the past 30 years. I’ve used the CSI Saddle Pad for the past 3 years. I think it is, by far, the best saddle pad design I have ever seen. We start lots of young horses here, so I want a pad that will make their first rides as comfortable as possible. CSI Pads definitely keep the horse comfortable by eliminating any pressure points through distribution of weight and pressure over the entire pad, and by absorbing friction between the layers of the pad. Keeping the horse’s back cool on long trail rides in the Georgia heat is an important issue for us. CSI Pads take care of this by having vents along the top to release heat and by using a thick natural wool felt layer next to the horse. The natural wool wicks away the sweat and the evaporation effect cools the horse’s back. I like the raised front of the pad to allow air circulation over the withers, help the saddle fit better, and prevent pressure on top of the withers. I highly recommend the CSI Saddle Pad for all riders.”

– Ed Dabney

Dabney Gentle Horsemanship

“I have four different western saddles to insure that I have a saddle to fit all of my training horses. Four wasn’t enough. Well, I thought if I can’t buy a saddle to fit every horse, what I need is a very good saddle pad to make up for the less-than-perfect fit of my saddles. I have easily spent over a thousand dollars in the last couple of years trying the newest, greatest, advertised saddle pads. Wasn’t happy with any of them. Then I bought a CSI Pad at Road to the Horse a few years ago. Oh my gosh! It is the best pad on the market. It sits on a horse’s back without ‘bridging.’ It conforms to every horse I put it on. It stays put, and there’s no sliding around whatsoever! My horses have ‘happier backs,’ and I would go so far as to say it has changed a lot of bad attitudes in my barn. I have a stack of pads in my grooming rack gathering dust. I ALWAYS grab the CSI Pad for every horse I ride. Did I mention that it’s easy to clean, which is essential when you ride six to eight horses a day. I am an AQHA All Around trainer, and this is the first pad I have ever bought that is absolutely ‘as advertised.’ I will buy another western pad in the future, and I would love to try the english pad, as well. Congratulations on a great product.”

– Arlene Lawson

Narrowgate Quarter Horses

“The CSI Saddle Pad is the only pad I would ever consider using on any of my horses by itself. This pad does the best job of evenly spreading pressure and releasing heat I have ever seen. A lot of saddle pads claim to be the ‘World’s Answer to Equine Back Pain,’ but this one does the job. Not only in the arena but out on the ranch in the Arizona heat working 10- and 12-hour days. The CSI Pad has not only lived up to but has surpassed any of my expectations. I wholeheartedly suggest it to anyone. Try one. You won’t be disappointed! As for the manufacturer of the CSI Saddle Pad—Donna Saddoris—it is her love, knowledge, and commitment to our horses that really takes this product to another level. My horses and I are in their debt.”

– Rocco J. Wachman

Arizona Cowboy College, Lorill Equestrian Center, cowboycollege.com

“I’ve been trail riding my Tennessee Walker mare for a year with my CSI Pad, and we’re both much happier. The pad doesn’t move going up and down hills, and we get home with no dry spots. She is a lot less cinchy, as well. She doesn’t get sore and neither do I. My horse has a short back, I ride with a round-skirted saddle, and there’s plenty of pad for helping spread the weight. This pad was recommended to me by a lifelong horsewoman, who said it’s the best pad she’s ever had. All that, and the customer service cannot be beat. Thank you!”

– Martha Dusell

Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist

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