Testimonials from Performance Horse Riders

CSI Saddle Pads are proudly ridden by Performance Horse Riders

Reiners and Performance Riders ride exclusively with CSI Saddle Pads

“I have been using CSI Pads exclusively for several years now, and I have experienced firsthand the numerous therapeutic advantages these pads offer. I have fewer back soreness issues and that has translated into better equine attitudes and fewer missed training days. I am sold on CSI Pads.” 

– Sherman Tegtmeier

Reining Horse Trainer, Nebraska

“Just got two new CSI Pads in today! We love them and use them everyday on everything from first ride colts to saddle horses.” 

– Ducheneaux Quarter Horses on Facebook

“I had to write to tell you that we used the pad last night for the first time. This horse has been giving us a lot of trouble lately: not wanting to work, rearing, just being a total butthead. I was thinking that her back was hurting because we’ve tried several pads on her, still getting the white spots on her withers, etc. The FIRST time with the CSI Pad and she worked like a dream! I’ll be buying three more for the other horses! This pad is awesome and well worth the money!”

– Toni James

“I used one of the CSI Pads on my old reining horse. Before the pad, he really refused to back and turn on the haunch. Basically, he really didn’t like to be ridden. I had tried everything from chiropractic to just hanging in the pasture. After the first 30 minutes with your pad, he started to lope off like the old days, stop and turn. I am thrilled. I will never ride with another pad. And my back has never felt better. Thank you.”

– Donna Fasi

“I recently attended a Brendan Wise (John Lyons cert) clinic and was introduced to CSI Saddle Pads. I have a big stout paint mare with a wide back and narrow withers. That combination makes saddle fitting difficult. She is prone to sore back issues due to poor saddle fit. Several of my friends use CSI Pads and rave about how they help with difficult-to-fit horse/saddle issues. I borrowed a pad, and the difference in my horse’s performance was incredible. The first thing I noticed is my saddle now sits level … Using a CSI Pad freed up her front end, and no bucking issues when she lopes. I am sold, and placing my order immediately. Will be sharing my experiences with all my horse friends. Thanks CSI for a great product.” 

– Julie Watson

Freeland, MI

“I bought a CSI Pad from you at the Equine Affair in Pomona a few months ago. Due to all of the California rain, I haven’t been able to ride much. Last weekend I had to work cattle at a NRCHA show that required me to be on my gelding for 6-8 hours for two days. Knowing what I was going to be putting my horse through, and putting a brand new custom made Martin Saddlery working cow horse saddle on him, I broke out the CSI Pad. Have the western pad with the foam and felt insert. I debated on the solid foam insert. I rode him hard, brought back cattle after each run, and changed out herds for 8 hours both days. My gelding was comfortable, and the amount of sweat and the sweat pattern was even on both sides with no dry spots. There were also no hair swirls like with my ESP pad. This told me that this pad gave him absolute even pressure from saddle over his whole back. This pad, coupled with the fine workmanship of Martin saddles, is the ultimate combination. What a feeling it is to have the best equipment on your horse. Darn this pad was most expensive pad I have ever bought. But after 8 hours and my horse not being sore the next day … worth every penny!”

– Ron

Southern California

“Thank you so much for the western pads. Wow, what a difference it made in the horses. I am amazed how my saddle now fits 26 different horses, and before I was having to use two pads for certain horses. Now all the horses’ backs and withers are much better. We have cut our chiropractic bills in half. The horses have become so much more balanced in their movement. Scot and I both have back problems, and since I have had my pad, I have not had any problems at all. Scot’s have been cut in half of what he used to hurt.” 

– Lynn MacGregor

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