Testimonials from Trail Rider and Family Horse Owners

CSI Saddle Pad is the perfect saddle pad for Trail Riders and Family Horse Owners

“The mare that I ride was having a lot of back soreness issues due to a poor saddle fit problem. We worked with Russ at R Bar B to find another saddle that would help eliminate that problem. He told me it would take 12 weeks for the saddle that I ordered to arrive. In the meantime, I started to look at alternative pad choices that would possibly help with the poor saddle fit issues. I purchased a CSI Pad through Russ in December and am SO glad that I did. Not only did it help with my mare’s back and her own soreness. I was AMAZED at how much better I felt. My mare is not the smoothest horse by any means, and after a long day’s ride I would find myself rolling out of bed the next morning barely able to stand up because my back hurt so bad. Since using the CSI Pad, I do not have any of that back soreness. I might get sore from unused muscles, but NOTHING like the pain from the concussion on my spine that I was feeling before. I highly recommend the purchase of the CSI Pad. It is well worth the initial expense and is a high quality pad that will last you a very long time. Thanks CSI for creating a pad that helps both the horse and the rider!” 

– Brandi Lewis, Maple Hill, KS

“I bought a beautiful Mustang, Tiger. He is great! I borrowed a pad from my 4-H leader, Wendy Parker. What a difference. He loves it. I used to not be able to really brush him on his back, but now he loves it. I am looking for a new saddle so this pad really helps me have a better fit until I find my new saddle. Thank you.”

– Danielle Langleinger

“I talked to you at the Equine Affaire and mentioned that I loved the pad that I bought from you at the Novi Michigan show. It’s great. It’s an edurance shape, although not finished around the edges. It’s a 3/4 and feels so nice under my saddle. I know if it feels that good to me, it must be feeling good to my horse, as well. I’d like to buy another one to go under my dressage saddle. The really nice thing about it is that if your saddle doesn’t fit your horse perfectly, the pad helps to cushion the saddle just right so that it does. I have three horses of completely different shapes, and this pad has allowed me to use several of my saddles on all three. I know nothing can enhance a bad-fitting saddle, but this pad sure helps if the saddle is slightly less than a perfect fit. I ride competitive trail, western pleasure, and dressage. I feel like this pad is as versatile as I expect my horses to be. Thanks for a good product.” 

– Joanne Coy

“Just wanted to take a moment and let you know how great I think your saddle pad is. I took my horse on the trail on Saturday afternoon and Sunday this past weekend. I can only say how great I think it functioned. The sweat pattern was complete, and my old horse had no sore spots. He is a grade gelding with high withers, a hollowed back (he is probably at least part Saddlebred), and is about 22 years old. I have had trouble fitting him with saddle and pad in the past. I finally ordered an Australian Stock Saddle because they are made narrow enough to fit him. Your saddle pad completes the package. Donna shared with me that you are in the process of designing a saddle pad to go with the stock saddle. I purchased a barrel pad, and it fits well, leaving plenty of leg contact. Whenever I get a chance to have a photo of Max and I using your saddle pad, I will be happy to send it to you to use. I would endorse your product any time. Thank you.” 

– Elaine Anderson

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