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“So, it’s two weeks before Quarter Horse Congress, and I’m fitting my 2-year-old for some of the hunter under saddle events and what do you know, he falls into a funk … and keeps on fallin’ deeper into that funk. Bute didn’t work, rest didn’t work, excessive stretching and suppling didn’t work, chiropractic work, massage, muscle relaxers … I tried it all, and with little luck. I got to the Congress with my funky 2-year-old just hoping he could make it through the show. I bought extra bedding, rubbed him down several times a day, didn’t lunge him (he’s a pretty cool 2-year-old…), rode him as lightly as possible, yada, yada, and he was still funky. His Congress 09 debut was quickly approaching, and I was running out of ideas. That’s when I wandered over to the the CSI booth and started eyeballing these wonder pads. I’ll admit I was very skeptical but figured it was worth a shot. I talked with Donna to get the scoop on her product, and she let me try one of the pads on my horse when I went to work him later that day. I saddled up my funky horse, got on a skeptic, and got off with tears in my eyes. My pretty cool 2-year-old was back! I was SO excited—SO SO excited. Donna let me try both the english and western pads, and both were great! She was such a doll that she even let me borrow the english pad to show in. This is such a great product, and I will support and promote these pads for a long time! This pad fixed my horses, and I bet they can do the same for you. Give the pad a try—what do you have to lose!?”

– Sara, Texas

“My name is Kasey, and I met you Saturday at Equine Affaire. I came to see you after my friend Kelly called me to tell me she bought your saddle pad at the event and was impressed with the demo. I am not a big fan of the ‘latest and greatests,’ so I tracked down Ryan Gingerich at his booth to get an ‘in-the-field’ perspective from someone who has used these saddle pads. After speaking with him, I decided I’d try it. Terry and I bought one, and on Sunday I rode my mare, a 6-year-old AQHA Super Bitch (due to back soreness) … and the difference in the freedom of motion in her shoulders was nothing short of amazing! Better yet is the fact that my body was not as stiff or sore when I was done riding. You have an amazing product! I ride and work with quite a number of horses ranging in age and issue, as well as with riders in the same situation. I would love to help get this product out there to more people and horses.”

– Kasey Jackson-Cousins

“THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!! Received the CSI Pad before I headed out to the show. It worked FANTASTICALLY, and it’s the PERFECT size. I appreciate both of your efforts … first with dealing with the size issue and then getting it out ASAP. Customer service like this is so hard to find these days so when it happens … WOW!!!! Dolly (horse) and I did well, and we actually placed for the first time in “riding” classes. This year is our first year showing under saddles since she is only a 3-year-old. I feel her performance was helped by your CSI Pad.” 

– Mary Kahn, Maryville, MO

“Just to trigger your memory, both me and my good friend Kristy bought your CSI Extreme Performance Pad with the Flex Plates at the 2008 Maryland Horse Expo. I explained to you there that I have been having saddle fit issues with my tough-to-fit horse who has a very sensitive back. I tried everything and just couldn’t get him 100 percent comfortable. Well, since using the CSI Extreme Performance Pad, he has been riding better than ever since I bought him back in July! He is the type of horse that will tell me right away if something isn’t the slightest bit right … he will hollow out his back, blow leads, and buck. Since I have started using the CSI Pad, he has been super happy, content, rounding beautifully, bending much better, etc. I honestly can say that I will not ride him in anything else. I cannot express how happy I am that we stopped to chat with you at the expo and decided to purchase this pad. Kristy has also had excellent results, but I’ll let her tell you herself! A good friend of ours just bought her first horse, and we are also recommending to her to buy the CSI Extreme Performance Pad.” 

– Gina Humes

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