Caring for Your CSI Saddle Pads

General saddle pad cleaning instructions

Before you get started be sure to separate the outer shell CSI Saddle Pad from the inner CSL Liner. To remove your CSI Liner, always grasp the Velcro strap and pull straight out.

The Outer Shell Of Your CSI Saddle Pad

Renapur Leather Cleaning Cream

The outer shell of the CSI Saddle Pad is made from marine grade automotive carpet so its very durable. Simply brush it off with a rubber fingered brush — or use a lint brush or vacuum to remove loose dirt and debris. Be sure to clean your rubber brush in between saddle pad cleanings – we find Dawn dish soap or rubbing alcohol to bring life back into the fingers.

Remember to treat your wear leathers like all your leather goods — clean and oil them when you clean and oil your other tack. Oiling your wear leathers will keep them soft and supple and extend their life. We recommend Renapur as it makes the leather water resistant in addition to cleaning and oiling it.

Be sure to clean off all the hair underside of your pad (behind the wear leather, where the cinch cut out in your liner is located).

The CSI Liner

It is very important to keep your wool liner clean for the health of your horse – the easiest way to do so is to clean your CSI Liner using a Rubber Cleaning Brush (click to order one today) and the Groom Ninja Brush.

After you ride and have allowed your liner to dry completely, brush the dirt, sweat and hair off the insert with the brush. Be sure to be gentle so you don’t damage the wool.

When your liner needs deep cleaning, we suggest you use a garden hose from the opposite side of the dirt (imagine the water flowing through the liner and pushing the dirt out of the wool) and then using a wet/dry vac from the horse side to dry the liner to add the loft of the wool back in.

Allow your liner to dry in the open air and sunlight to kill bacteria.

It is recommended that you do a deep clean your CSI Liner and reverse it each spring and fall to extend the life of the wool.

Our 100% all natural wool liners are just that — 100% all natural and the bits of vegetative matter in the material are what was on the sheep when it was sheared of its fleece. Since we use needled wool instead of pressed wool, the wool never goes through a harsh cleaning process so the vegetative matter remains in the finished product. Simply pluck it out.

Once you have finished cleaning your outer shell and the liner you can reinsert it easily be placing your finger through the back hole of the saddle pad and marrying the liner to the inside of the saddle pad.

Please Note:

If you live in a sandy environment, it is critical that you keep your saddle pad clean and brush your horse before you ride to remove grit. Remember that riding with a dirty saddle pad is like wearing dirty socks, the retained sweat in the wool can cause the saddle pad to become stiff and uncomfortable.

Replacing Your Liners

CSI Saddle Pads offers a choice of a 1/2″ inch and a 3/4″ inch liner that goes inside each Saddle Pad. The liner that comes with your saddle pad will last one to three years depending upon care and use.  Replacement liners can be ordered online here, or call us at 1-660-638-4CSI (4274).

You can also pick up new liners and saddle pads when you visit us at a show or expo.