Testimonials from the Rodeo Competitors

Scott Snedecor | CSI Saddle Pads are ridden by top Rodeo Athletes

CSI Saddle Pads are one of the preferred saddle pads for Professional Rodeo Competitors

“In order to secure success in the arena I have to provide premier care to my equestrian athletes. Just as I require my equipment to be of the highest of standards, so do my horses. Out of the thousands of miles I have traveled, and the hundreds of saddle pads I have used, the comfort, durability, and affordability of these American-made CSI Saddle Pads is unparalleled and unsurpassed. No matter what the task at hand may be, I can be sure to count on my CSI Saddle Pad to help my horses and I get the job done!” ‘

– Scott Snedecor

“My horses are an essential element to my success in the career that I pursue. They give me 110% everyday, and in return my goal is to make them as comfortable as they can, so they can perform to the best of their ability. Using CSI saddle pads has eliminated back soreness all together! Thank You CSI for making my horses part of your team.” 

– Tyler Wade

“Whether I’m riding young horses or experienced horses, roping horses or barrel horses, I want to give them the best protection and equipment. That’s why I only ride with a CSI Saddle Pad.”

– Shane Proctor

“They are the best pads going. They fit all of my horses, round back or not, and CSI has great people to work with.” 

– Russell Cardoza

“I love CSI Pads because they fit great. Your saddle doesn’t move, and your horses never get sore. I use some of my pads on six or seven horses a day, and it seems like they last forever.” 

– Quinn Kessler

“The contour design and fleece under the pad ensure the best protection and comfort for my horses. Built to last.”

– Jeremy Butler

“I choose CSI Saddle Pads cause I wanna get the best pad for my horses and through trial and error I believe they are the best pad.”

– Dustin Bird

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