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Rhonda Martin, CESMT – Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, BS – Zoology, over 20 years experience with equine physical therapy, saddle fitting expert, multiple circuit state, regional, and world titles in Competitive Trail and Reining, numerous customer horses with national and world titles across disciplines.

Rhonda seeks to eliminate sources of behavior and performance issues in horses by utilizing multiple muscoskeletal techniques, mysofascial release, stress point therapy, active range of motion, stretching and neuromuscular techniques. Rhonda gives a complete evaluation of the horses posture, conformation, and muscles then seeks to address how to reduce physical stress for the horse through body work, equipment fit, referral and owner/trainer education.

Rhonda Martin is available for personal equine consult for a nominal fee. Please contact Rhonda directly at: [email protected]

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Stretching: Five Stretch Steps for Your Horse

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The CSI Flex-Plate®

*Many of these older videos feature our old foam liners — these are no longer available. Our current wool liners are just as good, however, and offer the same types of features as the older foam ones did. We discontinued the foam liners in 2009 due to manufacturer material availability.