Using Your CSI Saddle Pad

CSI Saddle Pad Committed to Saddle Fit

A very important part of saddling with CSI Saddle Pad involves pushing the contour up into the gullet of the saddle. The CSI Saddle Pad is designed with a two and half inch contour which allows for very effective wither relief. In order to get the most relief, you need to get the contour correctly placed in the gullet of the saddle. To do this, you need to pull or push the saddle pad up as far as it will go inside the gullet. The front leather triangles with the CSI Saddle Pad insignia should actually tent up inside the gullet when correctly placed. See image below.

How to place the gullet of your saddle with a CSI Saddle Pad

With our 100% wool inserts pushing the saddle pad up into the gullet of your saddle can be a challenge until it gets broken in through use. To make correct positioning of the saddle pad contour easier, you can push the saddle pad up from the side. Do this BEFORE you cinch and do it equally on both sides of the saddle pad.

If you remove your liner from your saddle pad, be sure to realign the Velcro carefully so that it matches up all along the spine. It is more important that the liner be velcroed in evenly from side to side than for the vent holes to line up perfectly.

For the best results using your CSI Saddle Pad we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you watch the video below as well as visit our Find the Right Saddle Pad page for more in depth information on saddle pad fit.

Be careful not to position the saddle too far forward on the saddle pad or the saddle & saddle pad too far forward on the horse.

A general rule that works for many saddles is to make sure the saddle pad is positioned so that the back of the saddle skirt and the back of the CSI Saddle Pad are lined up or are as close to lined up as possible.

To learn more about how to fit and use your CSI Saddle Pad watch this video here:

Choose a saddle for your horse that fits well!

Things to Remember Every Time You Saddle:

  • Choose a saddle for your horse that fits well. Tree width, rigging position and overall length all impact fit.
  • Your cinch should hang straight down from the rigging of your saddle. It should not slant forward or backward even after you’ve ridden the horse.
  • A longer wider cinch will make for a more stable and comfortable saddle. Your cinch should have between 3 and 6 inches of latigo between the rigging of your saddle and the cinch D ring.
  • Be sure to brush your horse well before saddling to help extend the life of your CSI Liner (see below to learn more about the CSI Liner).

About the CSI Liner

The CSI Liners are made from 100% all natural wool. Meaning that the liner is comprised of bits of vegetative matter in the material that is on the sheep when it was sheared of its fleece. Since we use needled wool instead of pressed wool, the wool never goes through harsh cleaning processes and the vegetative matter remains in the finished product. You can simply pluck it out this material out, if desired.

You will need to replace your CSI Liner every one to three years depending upon how much you ride and how often you clean the liner. Keeping your liner clean will help your saddle pad last longer. To get the best longevity out of your liner, please read and follow the instructions carefully.

Read our General Care and Cleaning Instructions here >>

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