CSI Flex-Plate® Western Show Cut Saddle Pad

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The CSI Flex-Plate® Show Cut Saddle Pad has a smaller footprint and is lighter weight than the Standard CSI Saddle Pad. This makes it concealable under a show blanket. Whether you’re a barrel racer who wants to show off some bling by using a colorful Navajo or a Western Pleasure rider who wants to use a matching show blanket over your CSI Saddle Pad, the Show Cut pad is the solution you’ve been seeking. You can also ride the saddle pad without covering it up, just like Sarah McDonald and Bling!

The outer shell is marine grade automotive carpeting backed with felt. The CSI Flex-Plate® is sewn in between the layers. Available colors are Brown, Gray, Tan, Black, Navy, Green, Red, Burgundy, and Royal Blue. The Wear leathers are available in black, brown, rough brown, rough black and Hermann Oak Leather. The leather weight is 6 ounce.

* Brown Wear Leather color may vary

Show Cut Saddle Pads are only available in the Small size on the website. please call the CSI Saddle Pad office at 1-660-638-4(CSI) 4274 if you need to order a different size.

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Show Cut Saddle Pads are only available in the Small size on the website. please call the CSI Saddle Pad office at 1-660-638-4(CSI) 4274 if you need to order a different size.

* Brown Wear Leather color may vary

For those who show and wish to conceal their CSI Saddle Pad under a Navajo blanket, our Show Cut Saddle Pad is the best option. It is cut slightly more narrow around the barrel and thus can be fully covered by most Navajo blankets. If you show horses this is the saddle pad for you. The barrel racing crowd really like this saddle pad because it has a smaller footprint.

The ultimate in technology has finally revolutionized the equine industry with the CSI Flex-Plate® System: The CSI Flex-Plate® has withstood the test of time and use. Our test saddle pads are now nearing 15,000 hours of hard riding at the Lower Snake River Cattle Ranch at the base of the Tetons in Wilson, WY. Our saddle pads are also tested at a busy Texas feedlot and by a host of clinicians and professional horsemen from coast to coast. Plus, there are numerous competition and trail riders that absolutely swear by this saddle pad. The unique design of the CSI Flex-Plate® will reduce or eliminate common saddle fit issue. Because of the three overlapping layers of a very strong polycarbonate material (10,000 psi tensile strength), it simply will not allow any pressure points to radiate into the horse. This design allows for even distribution of the riders weight, saddle tree pressure and any type of impact, including roping. The CSI Flex-Plate® increases the range of motion and the overall comfort for the horse. The CSI Flex-Plate® also creates a foundation for the saddle bars to rest on, creating more stability, allowing the rider to feel more secure.

The contour is built into the saddle pad; when it is pulled up into the saddle gullet it will remain in that position during the entire ride. It will not work down and apply pressure across the wither. Because of the foundation that the CSI Flex-Plate® creates there will be no pressure applied to the spine. You will usually have even sweat everywhere except down the spine of the horse. The contour and the vent holes allow for good airflow.

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3/4 Inch Wool Felt Liner, 1/2 Inch Wool Felt Liner, Platinum Fleece Liner [Add $50.00], Coats Liner [Add $50.00]

Saddle Pad Color

Brown, Black, Navy, Tan, Gray, Green, Red, Burgundy, Royal Blue

Wear Leather Color

Brown Leather, Black Leather, Rough Out Brown Leather, Rough Out Black Leather, Hermann Oak Leather [Add $100.00]


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