How to Take Photos


We will happily provide a free phone consult with one of our saddle pad fitters to help you access saddle fit and saddle pad fit both before and after buying a CSI Saddle Pad.

To give you the most effective advice, you should be prepared to take some digital photos and email them to us at [email protected]

Here is a list of photos we like to see to evaluate saddle and/or saddle pad fit (To get good relevant photos, place the horse on level ground in an even stance.):

  1. A photo of the horse’s back with no saddle or pad. One from each side.
  2. One photo looking down the horse’s back from behind and above. Use a bucket or the fence to help get a good angle where we can determine if the horse is even or uneven behind the wither.
  3. Two photos of the horse with just the saddle, not cinched. One from the mount side and one looking down the gullet from the front.

Watch this quick video to learn more

Additionally, here is a handy, printable, PDF of how to take the photo. Just Click Here.